Monday, January 2, 2017

Teaching Strategies for the NEW YEAR!

As most teachers head back to school after winter break, we realize how difficult it may be to get our students back into the routine of school. Therefore, instead of immediately beginning with the current unit of study, I often begin with a "Growth Mindset" activity and/or a a goal-setting strategy.

My "Growth Mindset" activity includes not only a presentation to teach about growth mindset, but also a reading strategy that gives examples of the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

SMART Goals and Time Management is a FREE resources for the secondary classroom. It reviews the SMART goal strategy which I find the most useful. It also includes a presentation with engaging video's.
Does your classroom management need a little improvement? Of all the classroom management strategies I've tried, I find creating "Cooperative Groups" in my classroom is the one strategy that works the best in creating a productive and cooperative classroom. This strategy not only helps my students develop cooperative skills but also influences my students to act appropriately in the classroom.
I'm sure in the first few days your students return back from winter break many students will begin to whine. Whine that they have to wake up early, whine that they have to think critically or write an essay. Instead of getting annoyed and angry with their whining, have a little fun with this fun and  FREE "Scoring Guide for Whining"!
As the semester comes to an end and final exams begin, you might be in need of some "Fun Games and Review Strategies". This purchase includes 18 different games to choose from.
After final exams we will then need to complete semester grades for all our students. Here is another FREE resource to make grading a little easier!
I hope returning back to school will now be a little easier!

Happy Teaching!

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