Sunday, October 15, 2017

#HelpNorCal - Help Fire Victims

My state of California has had over 17 fires burning in the last week. Northern California has suffered the most devastation. To help the victims of the fires a  group of sellers from Teachers Pay Teachers have joined forces to raise funds.

On Sunday, October 15th - Monday, October 16th several sellers from different content areas will be donating our sales from specific resources to help schools most affected by the fires.

To find the resources in which the proceeds will be donated simply go to and search the hashtag #helpnorcal

To read more information click HERE. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Give-One-Get-One Teaching Strategy

Give-One-Get-One is a great, interactive, teaching strategy that will help your students review any topic covered in your class. Simply have your students follow the steps below to easily implement this strategy in your classroom:

 STEP 1: Write your name legibly at the top of a piece of paper. List 3 to 5 ideas about the assigned
STEP 2: Draw a line after your last idea to separate your idea from those you select from your classmates’ lists.
STEP 3: Get up and interact with one classmate at a time. Exchange papers, read your partner’s list, then ask questions about new or confusing idea.

STEP 4: Add one new idea from your partner’s list to your own, along with his/her name. Make sure
that you are able to accurately present this idea during a class discussion.
STEP 5:  Continue sharing ideas with different classmates until the specified time is over. Be
prepared to report one new idea you obtained!

Here is an example of what your students' papers may look like.

Find this template and many more formative assessment ideas HERE!

Happy Teaching!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Support the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Many secondary social studies sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers have come together to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The stores below have agreed to donate ALL their earnings from September 4th to schools affected most by this disaster.

You can donate directly to schools, teachers and students HERE!

Thank you!

Monday, August 21, 2017

TpT ONE Day SALE! August 22nd

Did you here about the ONE day, back-to-school SALE? You can get 25% off ALL my secondary social studies products on Tuesday, August 22. Simply type in BTSBONUS at checkout.

Check out all my BACK-TO-SCHOOL resources HERE

You can also get 25% off already discounted BUNDLES and MEGA Bundles. That means you get 50% off all products included in the unit and semester bundles!

Best of luck with the new school year!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Reciprocal Cooperative Reading Strategy

One of my favorite reading strategies I use in my secondary history class is Reciprocal Teaching. So what is Reciprocal Teaching you may ask? It is a multi-strategy approach to assist students in understanding the meaning of text. Students are asked to:
  • make predictions about what is going on in the text
  • generate questions about the text content
  • seek clarification of points that are not well understood or confusing
  • summerize what has been read
 The goal of RT is to have the student automatically use these strategies when reading.

Here is a great resource to teach reciprocal teaching in the classroom. Comes with everything you need to easily implement this strategy in your classroom!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cooperative Groups Student Responsibilities and Procedures

Are you looking for a successful classroom management strategy? I was first introduced to this cooperative group strategy 16 years ago when I was completing my student-teaching, and I have used it ever since!  It can be used for any grade level or course of study!
Each quarter my students are assigned teams  and will compete for extra credit points with the other team members. This works very well for classroom management because the students manage themselves! For example, you may decide to take away an extra credit point to a student who is not on task. Because he is losing points for the entire group, his group members will pressure him to get to work. Peer pressure works every time!

The beginning of the Power Point begins with a class discussion about what qualities employers look for in hiring employees. One of the most important qualities is the ability to work cooperatively . Then it reviews student responsibilities and procedures when working with a group and explains how teams can earn and lose points.

Also included in this purchase is a Team Winner Certificate (4 different versions) to be given to the winning team members for the quarter and a Team Point Chart for the teacher to use to keep track of the team points.

So if you want to make your classroom run itself, check this product out by clicking HERE

Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher's Appreciation Sale and TpT Gift Card Giveaway!

It's my favorite time of year - Teacher's Appreciation Week! To celebrate  the wonderful, hard-working teachers, is having a HUGE sale! You can save 28%  off all my U.S. History, World History, Civics, Psychology and Teaching Strategies resources.

The sale will take place on Tuesday, May 9th and Wednesday, May 10th. Use code ThankYou17 at checkout!

To make your week even more special, I'm giving away a $10 TpT Gift card to one of my blog followers. So, if you are not currently following my blog, simply enter your email address now to enter the competition.

Happy Teaching!
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