Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cooperative Groups Student Responsibilities and Procedures

Are you looking for a successful classroom management strategy? I was first introduced to this cooperative group strategy 16 years ago when I was completing my student-teaching, and I have used it ever since!  It can be used for any grade level or course of study!
Each quarter my students are assigned teams  and will compete for extra credit points with the other team members. This works very well for classroom management because the students manage themselves! For example, you may decide to take away an extra credit point to a student who is not on task. Because he is losing points for the entire group, his group members will pressure him to get to work. Peer pressure works every time!

The beginning of the Power Point begins with a class discussion about what qualities employers look for in hiring employees. One of the most important qualities is the ability to work cooperatively . Then it reviews student responsibilities and procedures when working with a group and explains how teams can earn and lose points.

Also included in this purchase is a Team Winner Certificate (4 different versions) to be given to the winning team members for the quarter and a Team Point Chart for the teacher to use to keep track of the team points.

So if you want to make your classroom run itself, check this product out by clicking HERE
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