Sunday, October 28, 2018

Three-Step Interview Teaching Strategy

Are you looking for a teaching strategy to get your students to practice expressing their opinions and to increase student participation in your classroom? Have you tried the "Three-Step Interview"? This is an engaging strategy that can be used with most grade levels. Read below to learn how to implement this engaging strategy in your classroom:

STEP 1:  Teacher presents an issue(s) to the class that will result in varying opinions or outcomes.

STEP 2: Students find a partner and movies their desks so they are facing each other.

STEP 3: Students work in pairs with on the interviewer, the other the interviewee.

STEP 4: At a given signal, the partners switch roles.

STEP 5: After one round of interviews have one person from each team find another partner and share their first partner's ideas.

* NOTE: This is most effective when there is not one right answer.

The benefits of this strategy:

1. Students practice listening and discussion skills. active listening skills
2. Promotes communication skills.
3. Students are able to express their opinions in front of one person at a time instead of the entire class.
4. Encourages students to practice accountability skills.

There are many other variations for this activity. What variations have you tried?

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