Sunday, January 8, 2017

Anticipation Guides to Check Prior Knowledge

Before I begin a new unit in my secondary history class, I often begin with an Anticipation Guide. An Anticipation Guide consists of agree/disagree statements designed to activate what students already know, arouse curiosity about the topic, and foster thinking. Students read each statement and decide if if they agree or disagree with the statement.  If a statement is false, I often have them rewrite the statement to make it true. 

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Anticipation Guides are an excellent introductory activity to a unit, a lesson, a reading selection or a video. Students weigh their preconceptions before the learning activity, and can revisit the Anticipation Guide later in the unit to reevaluate their earlier decisions. 

Suggested Use:
* The statements you choose should reflect major concepts, events, feelings, or conflicts that will come up in the unit, lesson, reading or viewing.

* Have students share their answer with a partner. 

* Have students complete the "agree" or "disagree" statements either after the first discussion or after the unit or lesson is complete. 

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