Sunday, August 19, 2018

Back-To-School Checklist

It's about that time! Summer is coming to an end, the leaves are changing, and both teachers and kids are getting ready to return to school. To make my teacher-life easier (and make sure I don't forget anything since my brain is still on "vacation mode") I follow this back-to-school checklist I created for myself:

1. I first set up all technology in my classroom. I confirm my LCD projector and laptop work properly.  I make sure my students' technology cart is charging and ready to go the first day.  I set up my Google Classroom adding my syllabus and "About" section. I also update the school website with the courses I'm currently teaching. At this time, I might also set up my categories into the grading system.

2. The next thing I do is to create my syllabus. I usually create this before I leave for the summer and make any copies I need according to my class count when I return before the first day of school. I get a sample textbook to show the students what book they will be picking up during textbook distribution. I also get my teacher edition textbook.

3. I then set up my room. I don't stress about getting everything completed before the first day of school. I have my teachers-aid complete what I didn't finish once school begins.  However, I do make sure I have the agenda and objective on my board before my kiddo's enter the classroom.

4. I then make sure I have lesson plans completed for at least the first two weeks of school. I usually have an entire unit completed before I leave for the summer. This makes my first week of school much less stressful. I also make sure I make copies of all the worksheets I need for the first week of school. Now that I'm paperless, I make sure the first day's assignment has been posted on Google Classroom.

5. For my next task, I enter all the important dates into my school calendar. (Sometimes I have my Teachers-Aid complete this for me.) I also color-code all events to make it easier to view.

6. I then make my seating chart. Since I don't know my students yet, I just place them in a random order. This always changes the first week of school when students are added and dropped from my class. The second week of school I print the seating charts and place them in a binder. I color-code the seating chart with essential information. For example, if a student is an English-Language-Learner I might highlight their name in blue. Special-Ed students might be highlighted in yellow.
Once the above has been accomplished, I take a deep breath and anticipate the beginning of the new school year.

Anything you would add to this list? Share your comments below!

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Happy Teaching!

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