Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Give-One-Get-One Teaching Strategy

Give-One-Get-One is a great, interactive, teaching strategy that will help your students review any topic covered in your class. Simply have your students follow the steps below to easily implement this strategy in your classroom:

 STEP 1: Write your name legibly at the top of a piece of paper. List 3 to 5 ideas about the assigned
STEP 2: Draw a line after your last idea to separate your idea from those you select from your classmates’ lists.
STEP 3: Get up and interact with one classmate at a time. Exchange papers, read your partner’s list, then ask questions about new or confusing idea.

STEP 4: Add one new idea from your partner’s list to your own, along with his/her name. Make sure
that you are able to accurately present this idea during a class discussion.
STEP 5:  Continue sharing ideas with different classmates until the specified time is over. Be
prepared to report one new idea you obtained!

Here is an example of what your students' papers may look like.

Find this template and many more formative assessment ideas HERE!

Happy Teaching!

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