Saturday, October 15, 2016

FREE! Grading Guidelines for the Secondary Teacher

FREE! Grading Guidelines for the Secondary Teacher

Progress reports are due next week and many teachers are beginning to look at their grading policies in their classroom. They often ask, "Are my grading policies fair?' Are they similar to other teachers at my school? Do my grades reflect more about what my students know rather than what my students do?". After many years of struggling with these questions myself, I began to research the best grading strategies. From my research I created this useful document that I am now sharing with you for FREE!

Topics covered:
• Grading Scale
• Formative and Summative Assessment (definitions and recommended grading percentages)
• Components of Quality Assessment
• Homework (Types and Time Allotted for Homework Recommendations)
• Mastery of Standards Over Time
• The Impact of Zero
• Student Involvement in Grading

Information gathered from books by Robert J. Marzano
Click HERE to download now!

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